Children’s book author Steve Brooks has served as a federal agent for over a
decade.  He has traveled the world many times over and has marveled at the
common bonds formed among children regardless of their cultural upbringing.  Steve
has also witnessed the baleful side of humanity.  He has walked the streets of India
and Africa and seen impoverished families living in cardboard houses; begging for
enough food to survive another day.  Additionally, his position has provided
unsolicited glimpses into the horrifying nature of terrorism in our world.  He has seen
unfounded hatred fester, based on nothing but ignorance.

Steve Brooks has been writing all his life.  He has always escaped into the magical
world of words; comforted through poetry and prose alike.  Now, more than ever, he
sees the need to comfort and reassure children.  He works to provide them a
magical setting where they can escape the stresses and tribulations of their
environment.  Steve’s delightful use of rhyme and rhythm provide enchanting worlds
where fathers and mothers are heroes and goodness still conquers all.

We hope you enjoy reading these books as much as Steve enjoys bringing them to

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